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who pulled the baby from that burning car. news4's jackie bensen is live for us in manassas with the latest. what a disturbing story, jackie. >> reporter: the officer told us that baby was a tiny girl. just about 7 months old. ine shs okay and is okay. she was strapped in a car seat. w noe driver of the w understa driver's licenseok rev some time ago. lshe a'so facingll i aegal immigration charges. now we have pictures for you. n't know if you can see em .h they areth pictures ofhe the t t it looked leheik wn a prince williamouolnt pyniciceff oer came upon the scene offf tsh crh on rug by ad, c5:45 this g. olice say the driver accelerated when the officer tried to s htoppim for speedi. e officer followed atlo a sr s speed and encountered a terrible scene. smoking car engine and man trying to stumble away. >> baby in the car. >> reporter: what did you do? >> went and started to try to find where the baby was and get into the car. couldn't get into the driver's side. went around the the passenger's side and able to force the back door open. >> reporter: the driver's hospital
into spotsylvania county. anon cctwastn ios scheduled to begin next summer. transportation officials tell us they are putting the plan on hold now because of financial concerns about how to pay for the roads. as well as opposition from some local governments about the impact that they will have on traffic. meanwhile, a reminder for drivers in our area that the school year is just around the corner and that means more cars out on the roads. aaa reminds us to warn drivers to start slowing down now. classes start as early as next week for students in the district. that means slowing down to 15 miles per hour in school zones in d.c. and in maryland, motorists should be aware of the speed camera program that will expand statewide this october. currently only montgomery county us speed cams in school zones and near school property. >> with less an week before school opens in the district, city health officials are stepping up efforts to make sure students have all their require shots. special clinics will be open later this week. tom sherwood joins us with a story. tom? >> the city is doing a lot
. the storms are not done with us yet. >> for the up-to-the minimum details we head straight to bob in the storm center. what are we going to be getting? >> depends where you are. as we saw today, there was some spots but not much rain. boy, if you were underom oefaw those torrential rains, it was like being under a water fall and you can see how thick the air is. we still have a lot of moisture. here is the area that's still under a flood watch. ed into watch until 2:00 in the morning. there are some flood warnings over there in the eastern shore. for some of those heavy rains. there is a batch and it is not only rain but also thunder once again. moving into southern maryland and moving right through charles county and coming up northern st. mary's county. l of these rains do contain some very, very heavy -- storms do not contain very, very heavy rains. they will be movin through prince george's county. we will keep an eye on things. look at how much rain fell in silver spring. that was just a matter of minutes. over two minutes. over two inches. so when that comes through, it does
for bringing us the breaking story. >>> several kids are recovering from minor injurieses. the bus hit an suv around 10:30 this morning at intersection of maple road west and courthouse road. the young students all between the ages of 5 and 7 were participating a fairfax county summer program. five of the kids were taken to the hospital. police are citing the suv 18-year-old for failing to yield. >>> chaos inside a pittsburgh health club. fourtdasig l n ihtnie d a last o ootingidens ie l.a. l.a. fitness club .ub pocepo say 48ear-old george sodini is the one who opened fire there. he killed three women and injured nine others before turning the gun on himself. the police now say the attack appeared to be carefully planned. >> he had practice runs at the l.a. fitness center. he had been there before. yesterday it showed he was there three times starting at 11:40 something in the morning. >>> they say last night's shooting wasn't his first attempt to attack the jim. >>> three frederick county teenagers have been charged with vandalizing the football field. police say they have admitted to burnin
to recover. >>> the search for chemical weapons in a northwest d.c. neighborhood is on holdor now. the u.s. army corps of engineers stopped its search for world war i munitions in the spring valley neighborhood. after a worker digiscovered an ith a c werh a mustard agent. the discovery was made last week at a vacant home behind american university's campus. the school was once used to develop and test chemical weapons during world war i. workers have been searching for munitions for a number of years now but it is unclear when or if further excavation will take ace. >>> still no cause yet to a fire that damaged this home in white oak today. firefighters were called to a home on symphony woods drive this morning. when they arrived they found flames shooting from the back of the house. three propane tanks that were in the back were on fire. the flames quickly spread to the second floor andatic of the house and no one washurt. firefighters rescued three pets from the burning home. >>> the dogs that attacked and killed a young man in leesburg have been put to sleep. loudoun county animal contr
follow. police tell us what their investigation has uncovered so far. >> we found a box of documents containing over 60 files, all related to prearranged funeral services. and we at this point have confirmed victims representing over $90,000 where their money was not going into an escrow account as is legally required. >> are you mr. bailey? i'm chris gordon from channel 4 news. i'm doing a story on the funeral contracts that you sold and wanted to ask you, is the money still available to service these people if they should die and need a funeral? >> at this time, i don't have any comment and i'm referring all of my questions to my attorney mark gardner at this time. >> reporter: will these people get the funerals they paid for in. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you can guarantee that? >> i'm not answering any other questions at this time. >> reporter: the investigation began when a 72-year-old woman who had bought a pre-need funeral read a newspaper account saying that funeral homeowner ambrose bailey has been charged with forging doctor's signatures on death certificates. the woman ctac
supported statehood from the very beginning. he believed in us. he said that d.c. should not be the nation's last colony. >> reporter: jenkins walked up to kennedy and barack obama last year at american university. >> and i went right up to them and they -- informed me enthusiasticallyhat yes, we support full statehood. >> we will hear more about local people who fell the kennedy impact right here in the nation's capital. wendy, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thanks, tom. >>> senator kennedy was a true champion of health care. one of his life's long goals was to achieve universal health care for america. a goal he would never see completed. it was one year ago that he spoke about that at the democratic national convention. >> and this is the cause of my life. new hope. that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american, north, south, east, west, young, old will have decent quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> kennedy's colleagues and congress continue to grapple with what the late senator called the cause of his life. and lawmakers are saying
of the rangers and she joins us. >> reporter: wendy, local firefighters and forest rangers don't typically see the types of wildfires that are burning out of control in california but they say their skills can be used to fight any type of fire ithre whe with where th >> reporter: fes burned. >> reporter: forest ranger rick long spent two weeks in california hngorpiel to battle e wildfires raging there. these photographs depict the mag touched the blaze. >> the one day we were sit there and all that we've seen was just an air show. fire was making a really good significant runs and just had air tanker after air tanker after air tanker just coming in, waopping retardant, dropping r. orter: dispatched as part of a>>-p20n so teramlptehe o -h ba le the firehaast t h consumed tens of thousands of acres. the firefighters went to utah's big pole area and then to california for the assignment. they helped along the fire line, put out hotspots and conducted other tasks as the fire raged. >> it was a rush. adrenaline rush because you're seeing like all this much stuff happening so you're like this is r
of shakita bell who went missing 13 years ago. using backhoes and cadaver dogs, police returned this afternoon to the wooded area of old fort road in fort washington where bell's confessed murderer says he buried her. they did not find a body but unearthed a shoe and piece of clothing. bell's mother says the shoe is the same size as the one shakita would have worn. police will be back out there tomorrow morning. a 12-year-old boy is still fighting for his life tonight after a serious crash that left him and three other young people injured. it happened last night in germantown at the intersection of ridge road and morning star drive. police say the four young people were in a car that was trying to make a left-hand turn when it was rear ended by a pickup truck. all four were taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition and no word if there will be any charges. >> a man is dead tonight after a boating accident in diehl, maryland. police tell us 77-year-old ha y harry -- his boat hit a jetty here. it happened last night in anne arundel county creek. the police say tallo wa
vick returning to the nfl as a philadelphia eagle. dan hellie joins us now with more on what this means and vick is talking now. >> yes. turnout at the eagles practice facility, largest in years. nearly 100 media members and two dozen cameras soft spoken and remorsef remorseful. michael vick talking about his return to the nfl. vick is back in theame after serving 18 months in federal prison for his involvement in dog fighting. the eagles say there will be no third chances for vick. if he screws up, he's gone. and animal rights groups already set billboards by the stadium blasting the signing of vick and the headline in today's philadelphia paper -- hide your dogs. as for vick he was saying all the right things. >> i was wrong for what i did. everything that happened at that point in time in my life was wrong. and, you know, unnecessary and, you know, to this day, i can't understand why i was involved in such pointless activity. and why did i risk so much at the pinnacle of my career and i was naive to a lot of things. but i figure if i can, you know, help more animals than i hurt, then
of customers. michael flynn joins us now with more on this story. >> it all ends monday. the tlooe $3 billion cash for clunkers rebate program is going to be ending monday and it is almost on empty. dealers still taking part in a program that are seeing even more customers trying to cash in. >> we need to do business now. and we did. >> reporter: george clark decided he had to put the pedal to the metal to get in on the cash for clunkers deal. he added his truck to the clunkers at the mall in gaithersburg and got a new car. >> i work at night. and i was -- i was driving along. i heard that the president made an address last night and he said that the program was going to end on monday. and i called my wife at 7:00 in the morning and just said we need to go. >> cusmers have been calling, trying to get the last of that money, trying to get in here and find out what they can do, what's left in inventory. >> reporter: the manager expect as rush of last minute clunker trade-ins this weekend adding to the mounds of paperwork workers are already pressed to finish. addison says he is confident the go
. back to you. >> tell us about the damage. was there any damage? and was there any warning for the people who lived there? >> reporter: yeah. you know, with less than 24 hours of it being named and it coming ashore, there wasn't a whole lot. even the papers here on sunday morning didn't have a lot of mention of the storm because they weren't thinking that it would strengthen so much. so they didn't have a lot of warning. not a bought of time to get redy. the good news is there wasn't a lot of damage. just some tree limbs down, some spotty power outages. and then a lot of rain. some places got upwards of six inches of rain. really no major damage. all of those people have had their power restored. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. >>> let's check in with bob ryan up in storm center to get an idea of what's going on now. hi, bob. >> hi. we're still getting heavy rains. panama city, not much. but the rains still are coming into birmingham, alabama, and there's quite a bit of offshore, heavy rains. the circulation, it was really a minor, minor tropical system. it's now in eastern
around the district. darcy spencer joins from us gaithersburg tonight with new information. hi, darcy. >> reporter: i'm told that that pilot sin side the terminal here at the montgomery county air park at this hour being questioned by authorities. apparently he was already questioned by u.s. secret service agents. we saw them leave probably within the last half hour but we are told now that he's being questioned by authorities out of baltimore, maryland. we have video to show you of that aircraft her on the ground, montgomery county air park this afternoon. officials report about 2:30 today the stun pilot ventured into restricted air space and was not responding to communications. at that point the military aircraft were scrambled and intercepted the plane. weigh were told that this involved a couple of f-16s as well as military aircraft helicopters from the u.s. coast guard. this pilot was able to get within 10 to 12 miles of the no-fly zone around the district. as you recall, a lot of air space restrictions were put in place after the september 11th attacks. this pilot was escorted
of spots, as you can see, n shenandoah valley. in the 50s. nice dry air is in on us. 84 degrees. look at the river. folks into southern maryland, annapol annapolis, high 70s. our average, 87. tomorrow, mid-80s. tomorrow, the winds coming back. with it, the heat. by sunday and monday, mid to high 90s. as a matter of fact, by mondayl degrees. enjoy an exceptional evening. i'll tell you more about the evening when i join jill downstairs. >>> the latest unemployment figures may show the worst of the recession is behind us. the labor department said 247,000 people were laid off in july. that's the smallest monthly reduction in jobs so far this year. and it pushed the employment rating down to 9.4% p. this afternoon president obama welcomed the news but he acknowledged there's still a long way to go towards a complete recovery in the job market. >> while we've rescued our economy from catastrophe, we've also begun to build a new foundation for growth. th's why we've had some unprecedented recovery act a month after i took office. >> the president has been urging americans for more meoref be
. pat collins has been following this story. he joins us now live from the scene with more on the investigation. pat? >> reporter: jim, tonight detectives are going to pass out these fliers in the neighborhood as they look for more information, as they look for more evidence. i'm told that they made substantial progress in their efforts to identify a suspect in this case of murder. crime scene search experts continue to work the murder scene at the pizza mart in the edgewood section of northeast washington. it was here yesterday that the owner of 44-year-old rana was found dead inside near a food freezer. sources tell news4 mr. rana had been beaten and stabbed to death. there was evidence he had been robbed. they say there are secury cameras inside and police are trying to see if they captured a photograph of the killer. mr. rana lives in silver spring with his wife, brother and other family members. joe fitzgerald lives next door. >> he was just a very sweet, very friendly man. he would do anything for you. and he's just a delight to be around. he's a very, very nice man.
was walking home from his job when he was attacked. >> it's certainly shocking to us we arrested and charged a 14-year-old. all the ages are of concern us to. we are glad we've been able to y klentify them and apprehend them and get them off the streety >> reporter: pole say 14-year-old trejon hardy murdered the man july 28th. the victim was steps from his house when he was stabbed in the chest during a robbery. >> i think it's sad myself, personally. waldorf has been known to be relatively family-oriented, you know? to hear something like that, it's not good. >> reporter: gutierrez's brother was also targeted in the robbery and was able to bite one suspect benjamin thomas. that mark linked thomas to the murder. >> one suspect had a large bite mark on the back of his arm. >> did that hpou y identify the person being there? >>t helped in the >>case ye >> reporter: police charged four additional suspects with armed robbery a week before the a number of workers lived here and they were being targeted because the suspects believe they were carrying cash. people were relieved to hear the ar
with the latest on this story for us. pat? >> reporter: 3 years old. they say he was in good health. then he dies mysteriously. we begin our story now with his mother. >> i just don't know what happened. you know. >> reporter: he was your baby boy. >> that was my baby boy. the youngest. >> reporter: do you think anything evil happened here? >> evil? i hope not.n i hope not. >> reporter: the victim, deshawn wade. he was just 3iers old. found dead yesterday at his mother's home in waldorf. he lives with his dad in prince george's county but occasionally stays with his mom. she lives in charles. w'sre deshawn wednesday morning. miss wade remembers talking to hiaround 6:30 as she was going off to work. she says she told him to go back to bed. she left him in the care of his two sisters, ages 14 and w 11. they tried to wake him up around 8:00 or 8:30 but no response. >> woke him up to go to the bathroom. he wasn't up. >> reporter: he never woke up. >> he never got up. eyes halfway open. they ran to call my girlfriend and called the ambulance. >> reporter: deshawn wade taken to the emergency room and t
'sth that's thele batvaourd hts bghe volulunteer fire ems station. darcy spencer joins us live from the area with the latest. darcy? >> well, jim, we're really getting two totally different versions of what happened at the station early this morning. according to those who work here, there are some issues with restaffing that happened here within the fire department in recent days. and that is causing an increase in some response time and causing some trouble in terms of the response to this incident. county officials are saying that's simply not the case and that some policies were violated. the station volunteers and residents say prince georges county's recent staffing shuffle hurt the response to a firetr truck fire this morning. it caused about $100,000 in damage. >> it does bring attention to the need that the community has to know that they are secure and we just like the county and the fire department oie tefak t a closer look atak it. r>>orter: just before ,emm. m orsbefr: a. m,bers of the stations noticed a fire in the truck's engine area. they attempted to put the blaze o
by officer chris jones. officer jones, can you tell us how -- how did the officers come to find out that there was a deceased person inside this home? >> well, we received a call about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon from a concerned family member of the victim, and they could not reach him. they realized that the vehicle was here. and i think they were trying to look in the windows and determine, you know, that something didn't look right. at that point, they contacted the police. what we call a check-the-welfare. police officers responded to the residence with a relative and they determined that something had occurred at that point in time. appeared to be a dog maul mauling-type incidents. the first steps after they recognized that the -- you know, there appears to be someone who they don't know whether he's alive or what the status is was confirming, called rescue immediately. what made this very difficult was the fact that these animals were there in thehouse, appeared to be pit bulls. can't confirm the breed exactly, but appear to be. calling animal control, quickly responded, assiste
. >>> meanwhile, we're looking for our next report. chris gordon has been covering the story for us this afternoon. he joins us now in the studio to tell us about the crackdown. really, statewide attack on swine flu. is that right, chris? >> that's right. governor martin o'malley says it's going to be even worse than it was this past spring. he is not satisfied with a crisis response that he got from the state. they have coordinated now with federal officials. they say that the swine flu is going to be even worse this fall. maryland governor martin o'malley says the state is working closely with the federal government to respond to the expected outbreak of the h1n1 virus this fall. >> the disease has claimed the lives of 523 americans including seven marylanders. and we have every reason to believe that these numbers will go back up as school comes back into session and as the virus through its natural pandemic migration migrates from the southern hemisphere back up to the northern half of the planet. >> reporter: officials say seasonal flu vaccine is available now and suggests you get your regula
to the pit bulls has yet to be decided. >> vicious dog case. not up to us. we take it before a court of law and the judge makes the final decision as to what the outcome of the dogs are. >> reporter: leesburg police and animal control want to meet with the family tomorrow to discuss their options. if family members decide they would like to save the dogs this case could head to court and animal control will suggest that these dogs be euthanized because under county law they would be considered vicious. trisy wilkins, live in leesburg. wendy, back to you in the studio. >>> a man suspected of holding down a 14-year-old girl during a home invasion burglary iss custo st investigators say rulana entered the unit where three 25-year-old women and a 14-year-old girl were staying. police say once inside he held down the 14-year-old who was sleeping. she woke up and screamed and he ran out of the front door. being held at the fairfax county adult dissension center onburgry and a abduction. >>> the debate over health care reform has become heated. in some cases downright ugly. as elected leaders
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21